Root of SCJ

"Man Hee Lee (founder of SCJ) is reported to have been involved with several other Korean apocalyptic groups before beginning his own organization. Man Hee Lee had originally belonged to a faith-healing group begun by Tae Sun Park. This group was known as the Olive Tree Movement, because Mr. Park linked himself to the return of Christ as one (or both) of the two witnesses or olive trees in Revelation 11. His followers called him the Righteous Man of the East, and they (or he) claimed he would never die or, at least, that the last day of the world would come within his lifetime. The worship services that evolved in the Olive Tree movement were somewhat Presbyterian in form but came to involve hours of frenzied hymn-chanting, hand-clapping, and drum-beating. Many followers, both women and men, deserted their families to donate all their worldly possessions in order to gain eternal life on Mr. Park s terms. The next group that Man Hee Lee entered was The Tent Temple or the Temple of the Tabernacle founded by Jae Yul Yoo (b. 1949), also known as the Young Servant."


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