What do they teach?

What do they teach? What do they believe in?

They teach that the hidden truth has been revealed. Other churches may preach and teach about the Bible, but they are all "lying." It is only the chosen messenger / promised pastor of today who can reveal the hidden truth that is given to those chosen people of God. He only can teach the right interpretations of the Revelations and "reveal" everything. That messenger is the founder of this group, Man-Hee Lee.

They believe that God is working with a man named Man-Hee Lee to bring salvation to the world. It is only through this man that God sends His messages and reveals the secret or the truth for today. The truth is that God is working through this man to save His people. His people are those who receive this truth about the promised pastor, Lee.

According to them, the second coming of Jesus has already happened; Jesus has already come "spiritually" and is working with Lee. Lee has received the eternal life from God, and Shincheonji members believe that Lee will not die on the earth physically and literally. Those who believe in Shincheonji will also not die when they are "sealed" as God's people. Shincheonji members strive to be one of 144,000 priests mentioned in the Bible who will be "clothed" by the spirit of dead 144,000 who were persecuted for Christ. This is called a spiritual marriage, and because of this Shincheonji member work day and night without taking care of themselves.

They emphasize the spiritual meanings of the Bible. They have a list of words with their spiritual meanings which they plug in throughout the Bible.

Ex) Seed, fire, light, treasure... = the word of God. Bird-=spirit. Tree- human.

Physical meanings are usually neglected which can create a problem such as lying to others. Shincheonji believe that they are not to lie about God's word but can lie to hide their identities and save themselves from danger, or to save other souls into Shincheonji.


For those who are receiving this, it looks "amazing" and biblical. They may feel like finally Bible seems to make sense. However, a lot of them are out of context, and yet this is how Shincheonji does in their Bible Studies to create the same picture over and over again: God sends His messenger to His people, and that is the person whom we should find and follow. The theological problem with this organization is that the center of everything becomes the promised pastor rather than Christ.

Sociological problems are also unavoidable. Shincheonji members often break their ties with their families, friends, and even their loved ones such as their spouses. Why? They are a very secretive organization, because they are told not to believe others nor tell others about this study. Once they do, Satan will work through them to prevent their Bible study for the truth. This causes the Shincheonji members to be wary of their families and loved ones, even lying to them.

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