Who is their target?

Who is their TARGET?

They offer non-denominational Bible Studies/ Global Bible Studies/ Theology Class and target those who love God and search for the truth--mostly from Christian communities. They mainly target young people in 20-30s, students in universities or workers, who can be excellent workers for the group.

How do they recruit other individuals?

(Main places: Universities, Shopping Mall, Barns and Nobles, Starbucks, other coffee shops and etc.)

Shincheonji members would participate in social events or Bible Studies on campus to make friends with people. They may also set up a club on campus but lie about who they are to administration and incoming students. They would also make surveys for students to fill out their information and contact them.

Shincheonji members also go to shopping malls, coffee shops, and bookstores like Barns and Nobles to recruit more people. When they go to Barns and Nobles, the members will purposefully go to the Bible/faith section to meet individuals who are interested in those spiritual matters.

They become friends with the targeted individuals and ultimately introduce them to someone else for a one-on-one bible study. After the Bible study, they will introduce the students to a center where they have weekly/ bi-weekly seminars for individuals to learn more in depth that is around 6 or more months. There will be an increasing demand to prioritize and finish the study until finally graduating into the church where they will be required to fulfill duties of recruitment, study and teaching as well as many other tasks for maintaining the church.

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