Different ways you can help!

1) Share your stories with others here!


Many individuals are slowly finding this website and get to have more resources on Shincheonji. I am hearing good news that some could know that their Bible studies were of Shincheonji through this website. Your story is a powerful tool to speak to those who may need to hear it and feel comforted, or even feel encouraged to leave Shincheonji!

2) Share your thoughts here!


I have suggested several questions that you can answer, which will be also another great resource for those who would need to know more about Shincheonji. The red flags, how you left Shincheonji, or any other comments.

3) Share this website or its resources with your friends!


A friend simply shared it on her Instagram, and her friend could check this website and realized that her Bible study was of Shincheonji. You never know who may find this website helpful.